Nextiva Cospace Review: Perfect In Its Own Reality

Nextiva has big shoes to fill by releasing its new feature cospace that is all about collaboration and collecting people. Its the need of this era to promote and improve the user experience with remote meetings. Nextiva always performs its best role in the tech industry to provide the best solutions for people’s real-time problems. In 2020 Nextiva’s latest feature Nextiva Cospace provides all the solutions in one place. This feature fulfills the requirements of all types of businesses. The best thing about Nextiva Cospace is its user-friendly interface a non-technical person can use it easily. No matter what size of your business Nextiva has the plan to fit your needs. At the core of every plan, Nextiva provides many award-winning powerful features to help power your business. They recently introduced a modern business phone system for enabling remote teamwork from anywhere with Nextiva.

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Let’s take a deep dive into what your Cospace can do from top to bottom. Creating spaces within Cospace is a way to collaborate with your teammates.

Core Features of Nextiva Cospace:

Here are some core features of Nextiva Cospace which make it unique in its functionality.

  • You can create your own space.
  • You can add members to your space.
  • By creating a group by adding people in your space you will have the ability to set tasks and project management as a team.

Privacy– You can control the access of your space by setting the visibility and accessibility of your space. There are three sharing options in Nextiva Cospace.

  • Private Space
  • Unlisted Open Space
  • Listed Open Space

You can send messages in our Cospace group, you can do a conference call with your team. You have a great ability to communicate as well as collaborate by using the Nextiva Cospace feature.

You can create multiples Cospace groups according to our niche. Creating spaces is a great way to collaborate with your team in different instances to keep your information private or separate whatever your choice is. When you are the part of a particular space not only you do have the option of communicating the chat or sending instant messaging as well as you can start a voice and video call you can also add and remove people from your space.Nextiva Security

You no need to worry about your data and private information Nextiva provide a secure bridge for you.

Here we can see the icons of the core features of Nextiva Cospace to manage your collaborations and drive your business remotely to be connected with your business team.

  • Calendar
  • Meetings
  • Tasks
  • FilesCospace activities


Spaces and File Sharing

You can share files with the entire team by using the file-sharing option. When you share a file in your Nextiva Cospace it will also show in your files repository area collectively, you have on the system. It’s a great way to keep the repository of your important files and information.


It also provides us a search option, If you have too many Cospace groups then the search option can make your life easy and save your time you can use Nextiva search to find a specific group from the number of groups.

Task and Meetings

Nextiva Cospace provides the ability to set tasks. Tasks can be assigned to the group of users so you can manage the projects to manage within Cospace. As the admin of the Cospace, you can set and change the status of the task as to-do task, the task in progress and when a project is complete you can set a particular task with a specific group with descriptions and instructions. You can also set a due date for a task.

In addition to task Nextiva also provides the ability to set meetings. You can set requirements for a meeting, set a schedule for the meeting, you can also set the recurring frequency for the meeting. When you save a meeting notification will be sent to all the group members.

By using Nextiva Cospace you can manage the projects not just for communication and documentation but for specific task meetings assigned with this particular project to keep the team on track.

You can personalize your particular Cospace with every team member. For this Nextiva Cospace feature, it provides the team with the facility to set their profile picture and it will automatically populate the information from the Nextiva account like name, and phone number. It also provides the ability to set audio notifications by selecting groups and members to listen to the theme first before you set the audio notification. It also has a feature to set up alerts for your Cospace groups.


Conference Calling: Initiate a call (with or without video) with another User or all members within a Space.

Screen Share: Interact via screen share with another User or all members within a Space.

Chatting: Send IMs to one User or an entire Space.

Integrating Google Calendar:

You can also have the ability to set a google calendar for your Nextiva Cospace groups. By setting up calendar sync you can set and edit events and using google calendar also shows the due date of your tasks. You also can remove and edit your calendar tasks. If you are using the google calendar it is the smart choice for you.

So your Nextiva Cospace the one place from where you have to manage all of your projects. We can say this Nextiva feature is the collaboration of all things to gather in one place.

“Access Nextiva Cospace to communicate with your teams”

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