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Netsuite is a business software that enables organizations to manage all business functions in a single system. Netsuite has no complex setups and it has no large license and upfront fee. Netsuite has no maintenance fee for hardware or software. Its services are suitable for businesses of all industries sizes from small to large.

Businesses around the globe mainly use this business management software for enterprise resource planning (ERP). This flexible business software is perfect for many business applications. Enterprises use it for managing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Inventory management, hosting of e-commerce stores, and tracking of financials.

Netsuite gives significant opportunities for customization. Embedded system functionality is available to licensed Netsuite users.


Netsuite | A Business accounting software:

Because of the highly competitive world of business, organizations must plan for future success while keeping complete track of profits and losses. Businesses need to be able to monitor costs and set up new budget goals, or multiple budgets for different circumstances.

With this business accounting software, one can enter budgets for all of the organization’s accounts on one screen, and ultimately it reduces time and labor. If one has more complex needs then budgets outside Netsuite can also be created and can be imported via a CSV file format.  With Netsuite, any business organization can run a budget for multi-location facilities, enabling the company to track numbers correctly across all offices, departments, and teams.

This business management software offers three tiers for its standard support offerings having named Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The support tier services levels vary by the number of support users, access to phone support, phone support hours, and the availability of a dedicated account manager.

Customers looking for additional support services for consulting, implementation, and training can access these services from a broad range of authorized Netsuite solution partners.


Boost Your Business Performance with #1 Cloud ERP:

Netsuite Enterprise resource planning (ERP) provides a modern and efficient solution to run all key operations of a business and all financial business processes in the cloud. Netsuite cloud ERP is the #1 in the world. It is the world’s most deployed cloud ERP solution used in more than 200 countries by more than 40000 organizations. It empowers businesses ranging from small to large sizes to help improve their revenue management, warehouse management, and supply chain management.

Netsuite’s state-of-the-art in-built business intelligence systems offer a comprehensive reporting system that enhances the chances of the growth of a business. This business software fastens the decision-making power of businesses. It improves the productivity of the employees via software automation. This enterprise software provides real-time data visibility.

Netsuite also reduces the technology cost because of outsourced application hosting. It supports business-specific changing needs through a suite of configuration and application development tools.

What Size of Companies can use Netsuite?

“Businesses of all sizes” that’s what Netsuite advertises about Netsuite ERP.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Looking from the perspective of a business owner, the customer is always a boss and this customer-oriented business management software provides a thorough analysis of the customer through its on-demand CRM system.


Netsuite unifies every single step of the E-commerce store. Everything includes Netsuite service ranging from point of sale and customer order management to product marketing, procurement, inventory management, order fulfillment, financials, and customer support.

Professional Services Automation (PSA):

Today most organizations are project-focused. Every medium to large project has a lot of stages right from planning to closure. Every project has different phases and it’s really important to track costs at every stage of the project.  Netsuite Professional Services Automation (PSA) system enables businesses to accurately plan the different phases of the project, monitor & control the progress of the project and efficiently execute the project.

One Database, One System:

Netsuite provides an integrated global business management platform to efficiently perform different business operations having different languages, countries, continents, time zones, and currencies. Every multinational organization needs this sort of enterprise software.

Supply Chain Management:

Every multinational organization requires a modern supply chain system. Netsuite provides it with ease, no matter how many continents or time zones an organization is operating. Netsuite provides such a collaborative system that anyone from anywhere can access it anytime.

Warehouse Management:

This business management software manages the total end-to-to inventory and all inbound/outbound logistics with the advantage of lower cost of ownership. Companies are always looking for solutions that provide cost-effective optimization of warehouse management and Netsuite is providing this with its Warehouse Management System (WMS). Netsuite streamlines the overall warehousing operations.

With Netsuite, organizations get an in-depth, real-time view of a key supplier, inventory, and procurement indicators. It eliminates manual inventory management processes and improves vendor satisfaction with a flawless procure-to-pay process.

Purchasing & Vendor Management:

This business accounting software eliminates inefficiencies throughout the organization through convenient online purchase order creation that allows replacing paper-based forms and time-consuming manual processes.

It tracks costs and eliminates errors by creating a complete business flow through purchasing, receiving, and account payables.


Expense Reporting:

Overwhelming traveling schedules are difficult to report and understood by the supervisors. Netsuite eradicates the hassle traditionally associated with expense reporting. With the help of Netsuite, both on-site and remote employees can register their expenses through standardized expense reports online and supervisors can view them and approve them. Supervisors receive reminders for reviewing the expense reports time-to-time.

This boosts the morale of human resources. Also, standardized expense reports make it easy to track the costs from the controlling costs perspective. With online self-service, the employee can check the status of expense reports anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Netsuite used by Industries:

This Enterprise software is used by a large number of industries belonging to different fields like healthcare, transportation, retail, wholesale distribution, software development, manufacturing, and advertising. Netsuite is an especially first choice in the professional service market, where distributed workforces get an advantage of the easy anytime, anywhere access provided by the web-based client software.

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