10 top tips to extend your battery life time

Do you want to extend your laptop life battery? Here are tips and tricks.

Battery life

Laptops live long or die quickly depending on the battery’s health. So, what can you do to extend your laptop battery lifetime? in this article, we are going to view tips and tricks you should practice on how you can take care of your laptop battery which in turn extends its life span.

1. Dim the screen

The screen’s backlight is the most thing that drains most laptops. Screen backlight enables you to see the colors on an LCD screen. But all laptops have different screen backlight. Some older laptops have power-sapping fluorescent backlights while modern ones have LED backlights.

To dim the laptop screen, can add an extra 30 minutes or over to your battery life. You can use a shortcut to adjust the brightness. By using shortcuts you can hold the fn key and then press one of the function keys on top of the keyboard which is labeled with the sun symbols.

You can also adjust the brightness through settings. In Windows 10, you can open an action center then you should find the brightness slider to adjust the brightness
If you use the old version of windows, you can press Win+X to open the Mobility Center when you can adjust the brightness.


2. Change the power settings

To do so, turn on your power saver. just head to the control panel, search power options, then check the power plan selected. You can select the battery-saver option and then select it. If it’s not working, click on “show additional plans”. If it is still not working you can click Change plan settings next to the profile.


You can also set the screen to shut down after a couple of minutes or set it to sleep if the laptop is not being used after some minutes.

3. Don’t leave your laptop on permanent charge

To leave your laptop on charge the whole day, may lead to the drainage of your battery. Lithium-ion batteries have overcharging protection but t’s bad for the long health of your battery to always plug in your laptop.

4. Disable WI-FI and Bluetooth

Open W-FI and Bluetooth to drain your battery. Those Radios use battery power. So if you are not using WI-FI or Bluetooth, it’s better to turn them off.

5 . Enable Airplane mode

Enable Airplane mode it’ll automatically turn off Bluetooth and WI-FI connections. Enables this mode to avoid unnecessary internet connection that’s can deplete your laptop battery.

6. Use an external battery

If your laptop battery is removable, it could be better to have an extra space that’s suite your laptop. You can connect it to your laptop’s power socket when your internal battery is low. The external battery may charge your internal battery or power your laptop when you remove the internal one. You can also use USB-C power banks to charge your laptop if it’s modern.

7. Remove or disconnect unnecessary peripherals

Any connected USB accessories like portable hard disks or USBs drain the laptop battery. So make sure to unplug those devices if you are not currently using them or need them.

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8. Buy a new battery

Some laptop batteries have a short lifespan than the laptop. that’s why after several years of using it, you’ll find that your laptop battery no longer has the original capacity and battery power lasts for a short time. if it is possible, after some time, you can buy a new battery.

9. Mute your computer

Speaker causes the fastest depletion of laptop battery. It’s better to mute your laptop when you don’t need sound, it will extend your laptop’s life battery. And also if you’re watching movies, it’s good to use a minimum volume level.

10. Free up RAM space

If you have RAM memory, you’ll need more memory space, then it will transfer data to the file on your hard drive. Then this extra use of the hard drive leads to battery drain. This may not affect modern laptops because of their RAM, but if you have an old laptop, it’s better to close all your unnecessary programs or upgrade your RAM memory.

Go ahead and practice these tips to improve your battery life. Later, you will find that your laptop battery has improved a lot.

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