Our team is a vibrant blend of experts passionate about technology. Comprising seasoned computer scientists, creative marketing specialists, and insightful journalists, we bring you in-depth tech reviews and the latest trends. Our diverse backgrounds ensure a comprehensive perspective on the innovations shaping our world.


Adrien is a self-taught computer scientist and entrepreneur. He has a diverse background from being a medical doctor to a consultant in the energy sector, from an SDGs advocate to an IT personnel, and from being a liberty advocate to an entrepreneur.


Ange Uwibambe
Senior Author

Ange is a Computer and Software Engineer interested in software design with her primary languages being C, C++. VB, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MYSQL, and Java. She enjoys programming, coding, reading books, writing articles, and playing games.

Prosper Nyituriki
Senior Author

Prosper is a Computer Scientist Engineer, easy to approach, committed, and Joker. He is also a Development seeker and enjoys Singing, Writing, and discovering new Technology. He likes reading Books, especially about Computer Development and Fiction.

Bernadette Umwali
Marketing Officer

Bernadette is fully committed and organized, always seeks new challenges to gain more knowledge and life experience, is IT and business-oriented, and believes in human growth(spiritually, emotionally, and economically).......Easy to approach.